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Just 60 years ago, 80% of Americans believed the government worked in the best interests of all US citizens. Today that number is flipped and now 80% of Americans don't trust our Government nor our representatives. Our government isn't working. What's changed? 

Almost everyone has realized the government isn't listening to them. 

Make it Fair's goal is to help illuminate that the only people who do feel the government represents them are the very small percentage who are able to influence the government via their wealth. The corrosive effects of money in our political process is a clear threat to our democracy. Equity is key. 

Unprecendented inequity in the power of the monied voices over the average citizen and these current laws, such as Citizen's United have made it so money is speech. Lots of money allows you to speak loudly. Lack of money forces you to whisper. This isn't something written in our Constitution, but interpreted by judges over time. Do you think the engine behind the judges interpretations were the poor whisperers or the shouting super wealthy?

At Make it Fair we will strive to identify and discuss the many ways money has not only influenced government, but also popular opinion. We welcome you to join in the dialogue.


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