The Great Realignment Continues


As Trump fires up his base, he seems to be alienating everyone else. This is a rather erudite breakdown of just who is being alienated. It is heartening. It is also disheartening that there are a significant minority of Catholics and Protestants who think that cruelty to children is a feature not a bug in Mr. Trump’s thinking.

At any rate, it’s hard to see how exciting your base and turning off the majority of everyone else get you to a plurality in the upcoming elections. Stay tuned. Do what you can. Go to and join us. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Like us on Facebook. We all need to work together to get money out of politics so that we can have a fair and equitable government. We need to make it fair. We need to have a fair and equitable society. We cannot do this with our present system of governance which selects our elected representatives by who can raise the most money rather than who can solutions to our problems.