New Orleanians Ask For An End To The Government Shutdown

New Orleanians Ask For An End To The Government Shutdown

President Trump visited our city and he was met with protesters demanding an end to the government shutdown.

Long before Donald Trump was elected as our 45th president, protests were becoming more of a regular occurrence. After Barack Obama's election, we regularly saw Tea Party members holding signs on street corners in cities across the country. Why are we taking to the streets? Why the need to chant loudly with a crowd and hold signs for all to see? Could it be because we know it's the only way we'll be heard by our government "representatives"?

We the people are becoming more and more aware that only giant monied interests are represented in our current political system. The current shutdown is another example. A definitive majority of Americans are against this shutdown - AND - the wall, yet we're being ignored. The claim by this administration? It's a national security issue and we need a "steel" wall. HMMM? Steel? Oh yeah, the steel industry was giant supporters of the GOP and Mr. Trump's campaigns. Terrorists come in through airports, not the Mexican border. If it was about National Security, we wouldn't leave those responsible for protecting our airport traffic unpaid, bitter, anxious, and angry.

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